Current Date:August 10, 2022


This fraud has been reported at various retail outlets across the country.
The sad part of this fraud is that the fraudsters are kiwis and so are the victims.
The scammers call retail shops such as dairy shops, petrol stations, supermarkets etc and pretend to be from the EPAY company. Since the fraudsters are locals they most likely have nz accents and have a fair bit of knowledge about the store they are calling. They call confidently and introduce themselves as customer support from epay. They inform staff that their epay machine needs software upgrade and they should not use it for 5minutes and they will call back after a while. They call again and inform the staff that the upgrade has been done and ask them to print a random amount of Vodafone or telecom phone credit voucher to make sure the machine is working and has been upgraded. If someone falls for their trap they often keep asking them to print vouchers of different amounts and give out the voucher number over the phone.
They often make up other stories as well but this seems to be the most common one.
If you work in any retail shop where they use epay machines please read the information sent out by EPAY regarding this scam.

Please leave your comments if this has happened to you or someone you know.
Also report scams in report scams page and you could win dining vouchers and MOST importantly you could save other fellow kiwis from being scammed.

Lets make NZ SCAM FREE