Current Date:August 10, 2022

Device Locked- Contact Support Scam

You are chilling at home and feel like a romantic movie or perhaps even an action flick. You do not have a Netflix account and so like many others you decide to look up for some free movie links on the internet.

Unless its an authentic website such as hulu,netflix etc chances are you are compromising the security of your device and will be targeted by malwares and malicious softwars such as keyloggers, browser hijackers, Trojan horses, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware, botnets and ransomware.

One of the examples of these type of scams we have seen is the device locked scam.

While accessing shady websites for your movie and tv series fix you might get various type of pop up ranging from advertisements to scams to even viruses. A lot of these popups can be taken care of if you are using pc’s or mac’s by installing relevant softwares such as pop up blockers and antivirus software. (Please contact us if you need more free information on how to protect your computers if you are facing these issues)

But if you are using your ipads and similar devices you dont have as many options as on computer in terms of blocking all such malicious attempts.

In this particular scam once you open a link for a movie a POP UP appears which tells you that your device is locked and you will have to call a number to get it fixed. Most of us dont fall for these scams anymore and you would press the close tab button on the device but in this scam the device actually stops working,or at least gives you an impression that the device is locked as you wont be able to close that tab or use the browser on your tablet anymore. However if you do close the browser or restart the device it does go back to normal. In syaing that there however are people we have seen being fooled by these scammers. When they realise the screen got froze ,they call the number which leads them to some scam technical support who promise to get their device fixed within 5 minutes in return for a small fee for which they will require your credit card details. Obviously once you give out your credit card details you can expect them to use it for fraudulent use.

Please DO NOT call any phone number through ANY POP UP on your webpage. Please Share this with Friends and Family and especially with people who are not familiar with technology and are susceptible to such scams.

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