Current Date:August 10, 2022

Financial Help Scam On Social Media

This is a very common scam on Facebook that’s been around for years and yet some people fall for the scam.They offer financial help in terms of loans and credit card debt transfer.
these scams mostly originate from overseas and target Facebook users who are in financial strain . They will often give you a whatsapp number to add them. there will be some fake testimonies from fake profiles recommending their services.
these scammers will promise you a loan at low interest rates and also a interest free period. The catch is that once u agree to take out the loan they will email you a fake document for you to sign . This document can be easy as name address etc or more complicated and sophisticated by adding more terms and conditions to give people more assurance about their business. In almost all cases they will ask for a set up fee which can be anywhere from $50 to $500.often the payment method would be western union or PayPal. please stay away from these scammers and warn your friends and family.
Some important tips
*Never trust any one offering financial help on social media.
*if they come across as a company verify their address and contact details. Also ask them for their company website.
*never transfer money through western union or similar methods. If they are legitimate company they should have NZ bank account.
*if you do end up sending money to scammers the chances of getting it back are minimal. But that does not mean you do nothing about it.
*report the matter to police because once they get more complaints of similar nature they will take action
*report the scammers to western union ,PayPal or similar financial institution.

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Let’s make NZ scam free