Current Date:August 10, 2022

Briscoes Feedback Reward SCAM

This email has been floating around for quite some time now. It’s nothing new. Just same old scam asking you to give Briscoe’s a feedback about your experience and get rewarded.

This email has obvious signs of scams from the email address to not providing enough information and why you have been chosen to do the survey randomly.

If you do not remember signing up for any special offers when you sign up for loyalty programs for these stores than it’s a clear case of scam.

But if you do happen to be Briscoe’s loyalty member or any such company’s loyalty program and have recently shopped with them, than there are chances you could fall for this scam.

We did the survey and answered some easy questions like age, gender, how far is your local Briscoe’s etc. And after the survey you get to choose your reward. YAYY but there’s a catch just like there is for every other scam offering free stuff.

You get to choose from products such as male enhancement supplements, body building supplements and makeup brands that you might have never heard of. We are pretty sure you don’t get these products at your local Briscoe’s.

If you are still NAÏVE enough to go ahead and choose any of this product as reward it will take you to another website where you fill in your details and maybe even get asked for credit card details promising you that you will be only charged for shipping and the product Is worth Hundreds and all you pay for is the shipping.

PLEASE DO NOT fall for such scams. It is noticeably a very stupid scam and you would think no one falls for that kind of emails anymore but yet we know of people who fall for this especially people over 50’s.

Please share and also to look at other snapshots from the survey go to to se all the photos from this scam.