Current Date:August 10, 2022


FORTNITE scammers are using the game’s recent launch on Android phones to trick users out of money.
The hit video game was released on select Android devices this month — but fake download links are putting players at risk.
The game is only available on Android phones via the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, as part of an exclusive partnership between Samsung and Fortnite developer, Epic Games.
Other Android phone makers are expected to get their own version of Fortnite in the coming weeks.
But fraudsters are hoping that a lack of patience will tempt some gamers to fall for their scams.
A host of different Fortnite scams have surfaced across social media.

A YouTube scam features a video showing you how to get Fortnite on Android.
The video clip shows a person demonstrating the process on their phone, but the method is completely phony.
The user will ultimately download a rogue app, prompting them to pay a sign-up fee, despite the fact that Fortnite is available for download free of charge.
Once paid in full, the user is linked through to the actual Fortnite download link — and the hacker has pocketed your cash.

Another scam lures gamers into a YouTube video for the Fortnite Android download, but instead, scammers offer up a how-to guide and web links for free V-Bucks — a virtual currency in Fortnite.
Normally, you would have to pay cash for V-Bucks, but the phony website promises V-Bucks in exchange for tasks.
These tasks are supposedly part of a “verification” process, but involve downloading games, taking surveys or watching ads.
All of these earn money for the scammer — and leave you with empty pockets and wasted time.

A third scam involves fraudsters using social media platforms like Twitter to share links for the Fortnite Android download page.
These links take you through to web articles about Fortnite on Android.
But before you get there, you’ll have to go through an advertising page that generates money for the scammer.
You don’t necessarily end up anywhere dodgy, but you’ve inadvertently helped a stranger earn some quick cash by wasting your own time.

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