Current Date:August 10, 2022

Woman raises alarm after nearly being caught out in $1 ‘Air NZ scam’

An Auckland woman who was almost fooled into giving her credit card details to “slick” scammers, is raising the alarm about a Facebook post that promises $1 fares on Air New Zealand.

The headline on the post says: “Air New Zealand offers 2 tickets to EVERYONE for ONLY $1 To celebrate its 75th anniversary”.

Namrta Malhotra said the scam showed up on her Facebook news feed, after being shared by one of her friends.

It was one of those days when she was prepared to believe the offer, while forgetting to check the URL properly, she said.

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“The first thing it does, it tells you it’s a promotional fare, then it asks you three questions about Air New Zealand,” Malhotra said.

“Then you share it on your Facebook page. Then it tells you to continue. The next stage is filling out your details – your name and address.

“The next step is to fill in your credit card details. That’s when I stopped.”So, no damage was done, although those behind the post now had her address and email contact, and she was expecting to get spammed.

“It’s a rookie mistake to get sucked into that,” Malhotra said. “I have to say it’s a very slick journey on digital. Whoever has done it, has done it well.”

She initially shared the fake deal on Facebook, but deleted it once she realised what it.

Air New Zealand said it was aware of the post and was working to get it removed.

In January the airline ran a warning on its Facebook page about a similar scam, giving people the chance to get tickets by taking part in a short survey.

Then in March, it tweeted about a “50th Anniversary Giveaway” scam being shared on social media.
Source: Stuff