Current Date:August 10, 2022


Yet another survey scam. We have covered these in the past but every time the scammers offer different products as prize. A brand new phone can be quite luring for some and this is why so many people are still falling for this.
Lets put an end to this scam as this is BY FAR the easiest scam to spot and no one should fall for this silly scam in 2019.

Please MAKE it clear to everyone in your family and everyone you know to NEVER FILL OUT any surveys through emails offering you big rewards. There are some legitimate survey websites such as , etc that reward you for taking surveys but once you do a survey on one of these sites you can clearly tell the difference why they are legitimate.

Most of the fake surveys will ask you just a few questions and often these questions are too easy or silly such as
“Whats New Zealand’s most popular sport”
“What is capital of NZ”

And most importantly any authentic survey websites will not reward you with a $1500 phone for answering a few silly questions.

Next time you see such a scam all you have to do is PRESS DELETE or MARK AS SCAM. Do not waste your precious time even reading it once.

Please share this post and our page to all your friends and lets put and end to this ridiculous survey scams.