Current Date:August 10, 2022

Trademe Verification Scam

We have seen quite a lot of scams through emails over the years where scammers ask you to verify a particular account and ask for credit card details and personal information. But have not seen one yet covering Trademe.


This scam was reported by Mary Gilbert from Invercargill. The email is very well designed and looks very authentic .It asks the user to verify their account and once you click the link it takes you on to a trademe look-alike page and you are asked to put in your credit card details. Most kiwis have Trademe account and we all do get several emails from them from time to time ranging from normal watch list auctions, things or categories you may be interested in and sometimes telling us we need to credit our account. But Trade me will never ask you to update your credit card details through a link in the email.

Please be wary of such emails and always make sure you check the URL properly and also make sure you are logged in to your account. Have a look around the website. Within few minutes you can tell if the website is a fake or real deal.