Current Date:August 10, 2022

Phone Connection Disconnected Scam

This new scam has been going on for over a month now. A lot of businesses and people have reported this to us.

A few members of our team have also received this call.

The phone number we got was displayed as +61 which would mean the call is from Australia but it’s very easy for scammers to use a software to display their numbers like they are calling from any one particular country not to raise suspicion.

Once you answer the call the automated voice says “There are issues with your telephone network and press 1 to resolve the issue otherwise your phone connection will be disconnected”

We pressed 1 hoping to speak to a scammer who we assume would ask for your details or financial details. For some reason we did not get any response so we hung up but in many cases once you press the digit 1 you will be redirected to a scammer.

If you come across this phone call DO NOT waste your time and hang up the phone straight away.