Current Date:August 10, 2022

IRD Tax Refund Scam

One of our users JAMIE SANGER from Auckland reported this scam to us.

Tax Refunds scam have been around forever but this scam is a little unique and have just started spreading in 2019.

You may get a text message from a 4 digit number informing you that you have a tax refund to be claimed and click the link to fill out the details and it will be processed.

What makes it appear genuine is that the amount of tax refund you get seems very reasonable and not some crazy figure in thousands of dollars. You might be offered tax refund of amount $200-$500.

Once you click the link you get asked your personal details and also bank details.

Please do not fill out any details unless you are sure you have signed up to some financial services to process these payments for you or it’s from IRD. You can surely tell if it’s not from IRD because the website will look very dodgy and not all the options/links will be working on the page. Also the URL or the website address at the top will seem very suspicious.