Current Date:August 10, 2022

TOYTOLO Website Scam

One of our users JOJO SMITH recently reported a scam to us relating to a popular toy website TOYTOLO.COM

The site looked very legitimate and even had a contact us page with a NZ LANDLINE number and an address in North Shore, Auckland. They sell kids toys but mainly focus on LEGO toys.

All Lego toys were advertised at massive reductions like 80-90% and toy sets that would usually cost you $100 at your local toy world were advertised at $20.

This should definitely raise a red flag immediately. No online store can sell you Branded Toys for that cheap unless they are fake knockoffs or imitations. Or it turns out unless they are a complete scam and actually never send you any toys after the payment is made.



Our user made purchase of more than $100 and paid through her credit card and in return got a package in the mail from China with sunglasses. (visit our website to see her actual order )

When contacted the company through email there were no replies or any communication.

We tried to contact them and the phone number and the address do not exist and they were operating from overseas.

Since then the Website has been taken down due to a number of complaints from us and a lot of people who have been scammed.

There are a lot of similar websites out there selling toys and electronics. Please do your research before ordering from websites that are not trusted names. It’s common to get discounts up to 10-40% online but if the discount seems too good to be true it probably isn’t.

Always check contact us page and ring the number if it’s based in NZ. Google the address and do a basic search on Google if there have been any reported scams relating to that website.