Current Date:August 10, 2022

Spark/Vodafone Scam

Here’s just a few of the news stories from last year alone relating to scams where mostly elderly people were scammed out of their money or personal information by scammers pretending to be from spark or Vodafone.

Expect this trend to continue in 2020. Scamming someone over the phone pretending to be from utility company is very common and still an effective method for scammers to get what they want-money or information.

Please do not give out any financial information over the phone. Spark or Vodafone will never ask you for your bank details.

You can make credit cards payments over the phone to Vodafone and other utility bills these days and even those payments are usually made through an automated format where you have to punch in the digits rather than telling the operator your digits on the phone.

Regardless of this IF you have a slight bit of doubt or are not comfortable paying your bills over the phone using credit cards or are not sure if you are speaking to a genuine operator from the utility company HANG UP THE CALL. Visit one of your nearest spark/Vodafone branch to discuss your concerns or matters relating to your account or alternatively you give them a call on one of their numbers provided on their websites.

This is from Spark website and informs you of what Spark will never ask you over the phone.

Scammers are always changing their approach, so when we become aware of a new and reoccurring type of scam or a new tactic scammers are using, we’ll add info about it below. While this list can help you identify scam activity, there may be other scams that aren’t listed here. Always try to protect yourself from scams by remembering these key things:  

  • Spark will never contact you out of the blue and do the following: 
    • Request your password 
    • Request your credit details
    • Threaten to disconnect your broadband
    • Tell you that you’ve been hacked 
    • Request access to your personal computer or laptop
  • Avoid calling back numbers you don’t recognise
  • If you’re unsure whether the call is genuine, the best thing to do is hang up