Current Date:August 10, 2022

Types of Shipping / Parcel Delivery Scams

We have covered this scam in the past but in this post we will list all the different types of scams related to shipping/courier/parcels.

  • Unpaid Customs Charge

This is by far the most common scam kiwis have been falling for in the last year. This is also the most reported scam. User usually receives a text message stating that their parcel is on hold until the custom charges are paid. There is always a link provided in these texts where you can pay the charges. When you press the link and the webpage opens it will appear to be imitating courier company website however it’s a Phishing website. A phishing website (sometimes called a “spoofed” site) tries to steal your account password or other confidential information by tricking you into believing you’re on a legitimate website. 

If you have not ordered anything from overseas this should raise a flag and you should immediately delete the message and not waste your time even opening the link. If you are expecting a parcel its always suggested you firstly open the order confirmation email from the website you ordered and track your parcel using their own services. Most big overseas websites and retailers and also auction sites such as EBAY provide their own ITEM TRACKING tool which can be used to find out the status of your package. If you are unable to find any information regarding your parcel always email the customer service team of the website you purchased.

Some overseas vendors are unable to provide tracking information and such items can take longer to arrive so be patient. CUSTOMS NZ will NOT CONTACT you or hold your parcel for unpaid custom charges. There are no custom charges on items valued less than $1000 so you should not expect any message or call from customs .Please be careful with such scams and never fill out your personal details or financial details on these phishing websites directed from the text.

  • Paying delivery Fees for Expensive mostly Tech Items that you have not ordered

This scam is slowly fading out due to mostly people not falling for it. User usually receives a text that their Iphone /Samsung Phone/Playstation is waiting to be delivered but the shipping charges have not been paid or that the user needs to update their delivery address. This scam always uses high tech high value item to lure the user. If you have not ordered any of such items it would be obvious it’s a scam yet some people have fallen for this scam. If you have not ordered any items that are mentioned in the message SIMPLY IGNORE the text and delete it. All the scammers are after is your personal details or financial information.

  • Package undelivered. Update address for another delivery attempt

This bar far is the most sophisticated scam. Luckily it’s not that common in New Zealand yet but it has been reported a lot in U.K.  In New Zealand we do get GENUINE texts from courier companies about parcel status and also when it’s on the way or delivered. The message that the parcel is undelivered and update address for another delivery attempt is very rare due to new Covid guidelines that the courier companies follow. The items are mostly left on the door nowadays even if the item needs to be signed for. However after getting feedback from local courier depots we can confirm that you may get a text saying that the Delivery was unsuccessful and follow instructions to arrange pick up or use their designated drop-off parcel sites such as gas stations or arrange for a re-delivery. In such cases its best to always firstly check the order status and the tracking number provided by the website you bought. If the tracking information mentions failed delivery than you can go ahead and use the text and update the information or choose relevant options using the link provided in the text.

We have attached a few examples and screenshots from these scams on our website.

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