Current Date:August 10, 2022

Easy Money Job Offers Online Scam

With a lengthy lockdown of over 3 Months in Auckland from Aug to November- we have had several people reported falling for this scam.

With lockdowns in place On and OFF for last 2 years people have been spending more time online whether that be through social media or streaming services. The lockdowns have also kept the scammers busy and they keep coming up with innovative ways to con the innocent.

One such scam that has been going around on Facebook for years but has recently been taken up a notch during the pandemic is JOB OFFERS.

We have seen all sort of jobs offered on social media including Facebook, Instagram and even twitter lately. These jobs are “easy money” and guaranteed to make you $1000 a week by simply working from home.

There is no such thing as easy money and if something is too good to be true it probably isn’t true.

These are just some of the examples we have seen on Social Media for jobs

  • Sell products on Marketplace- We have covered this scam several times last year and yet people keep falling for it. As a matter of fact you can go to Marketplace and find several listings for Apple products advertised for sale at a heavily discounted price. First thing you do as a buyer is check the profile and once you check the profile of the seller it seems very legitimate BECAUSE it is a legitimate person selling. The only problem is that they are not aware that they are part of the scam. Scammers will recruit you and offer you really good commission and ask you to list some apple products or gadgets for them under your profile. They say that they are overseas company and they cannot trade in NZ during COVID so they are offering this amazing opportunity to you to sell on their behalf. Once someone falls for this they are officially part of the scam. They advertise products and any questions they get asked they pass it on to the scammer. You are never allowed to pick up for these products. Once someone makes a payment to the account their product never arrives. The scammer deletes the number and the seller is stuck in the middle dealing with the angry customer who got scammed. We have even seen several sellers being interviewed by POLICE and all their accounts investigated. Do not accept any job ONLINE where people ask you to sell products online on their behalf and they do not live/work in New Zealand. You will never get any commission and this is a very common scam that just wont go away even after POLICE warning on their websites several times. Also do not buy any products if you can’t pick up or you have doubts about the product especially expensive items. 
  • Job offer from Amazon. We have been reported this scam on several Facebook buy sell pages where you will randomly see a post from someone offering job $30/$50 per hour and work from home. PM me for details. When you get in touch with them they will sound very professional and say that they would like to recruit you to call people. What you won’t realise is that you will be cold calling people and trying to sell something or get some personal information or even credit card details form people. You will be calling from your mobile phone and as a KIWI you are more likely to sound genuine than overseas scammers so they prefer you to call people and scam them. Please do not accept such offers if you have never met this person and have not been offered a proper job with a proper contract and employment agreement.
  • Influencer Job/Endorsing products on Instagram. With the rise in influencers on Instagram there is a huge desire in people to gain more followers. One of the scams going around is random people getting in touch with you to feature their product on your profile. They will say they are brand new company and launching new products(could be beer, toy, clothes) and would like you to try it out first and show it off on your profile. They will send out the product free to you worth hundreds. This surely excites a lot of people and once you fall for this you will be scammed and all your personal information and credit card information stolen. The catch is that they will send you the products but you have to pay the Delivery Fee “Courier Fee” as its their company policy for accounting purposes. Once you give out any details to them your personal information is surely compromised. 
  • Any cold calling job you have been offered online without any actual interview or knowing anything about the company is a scam and you should not fall for it.

Please be careful and trust reputable Job seeking websites such as TradeMe, Seek etc.

Always do your research about the job/source before giving out any personal details or accepting the job offer especially online.

Please share with friends and family and let’s put an end to this scam. Report the person/profile straight away to Facebook, Instagram and also encourage others to report them. If any such post is posted in group please message the group admin to be selective of who they allow to join and do their job as an admin properly.