Current Date:August 10, 2022

Facebook Live Celebrity Scam

There have been an increase of Scams on Facebook where scammers use celebrities/athletes and popular media personalities to run elaborate scam targeting innocent victims.

We have seen scammers using unauthorised videos of Jacinda Ardern, Rugby Stars, Dwyane Rock Johnson and other famous celebrities to run puzzle games and giveaways.

These are all scams and are not in anyway these pages or videos associated with the actual celebrity/athlete.

This is how it works –

  • The scammers make a fake profile on Facebook (which is not hard at all)
  • They join local popular Facebook groups such as Auckland Buy and sell, Wellington property etc.
  • They than post Facebook Live video featuring a famous celebrity.
  • This celebrity would usually be someone most people would recognize like Jacinda Ardern, The rock Dwyane Johnson and other popular athletes.
  • Below the live video there will be a prize giveaway or a simple puzzle. It would always ask you to comment or sign up through a link.
  • You would need to provide your personal information and sometimes also credit card details.
  • By providing your details you are putting yourself at risk and you can expect your identity to be stolen or your details used for other fraudulent purposes.
  • All these scams operate in different ways. Where some of them would be simply targeting your personal information, address etc. While others could be more sinister and seek out your credit card details or even your Passport copy or different form of identification
  • These are all scams and the athlete/celebrity featured in the video have nothing to do with these scammers.
  • These pages often get taken down due to obviously being reported by people and pages like us but in the time they are active they can potentially fool tens of people before their account is suspended.
  • 99% people wont fall for this and will know it’s a scam as often the video does not relate to the contest or giveaway and often these videos are random videos of celebrities/athletes from their personal social media pages or media sessions.
When you see a link of some celebrity going live on Facebook , please check the source. Check for the link on their profile. If they are doing a giveaway make sure you check its legit and they mention it in their video and speak of it.

Please be careful and share this post with your family and friends.