Current Date:August 10, 2022

Open Home Thefts

There have been increasing amount of stolen goods reported during open homes.

Most of these reports are coming out of South Auckland region and Counties Manukau Police recently warned the community about this situation.

The thieves go to an open home usually as a couple to make it less suspicious and pretend to be a potential buyer interested in the property. They give out wrong names and contact details on the forms given to them by the real estate agents. Since there are so many people looking at the peroperty at one time during the open home these thieves get plenty of time to look around and pinch some valuable items. According to police most stolen items reported are electronic devices such as tablets,phones etc. Thieves also look for jewellery,watches and even perfumes.

Please make sure if you are concerned about such situation when you are selling your house please let your agent know about these concerns and often the gaent will bring another fellow worker to help him with the open home procedures and to have an extra pair of eyes. Also lock away and hide away expensive jewellery and electronic devices. These thieves do not have a lot of time while they are on the lookout for these items. They will usually steal items easily available to them for example from the bedside drawers, living area etc

Please share your story in the share story page if you have been a victim of such thefts to raise awareness in the community.

You have lost something valuable always report it to the police and also see our get help page.