Current Date:August 10, 2022

Win An Iphone

This is one of the most common scams going around at the moment.

Users are asked to fill out a survey or questionnaire.

The survey ads are placed in between the articles or on the side of the webpage. When using some websites or apps on Phones or Tablets the ads cannot be missed as they often appear in the middle of the text.

The questions are too easy and often silly at times. Here are some examples:

What is the capital of New Zealand?
What sport does all blacks play?
What is the largest city in New Zealand?
Who is the President of USA?

Most Kiwis would know the answer to these questions and if you still not sure they make it more easier for you and give you a few options to choose from.

There will ALWAYS be photo of the prizes. How often do you see these surveys offering the latest model of apple’s Iphone or its laptop? Most of us seem to realize straight away there is something fishy going on but yet a lot of people are scammed everyday across New Zealand by these surveys.

People are too enticed by the FLASHY devices and prizes and fall in to the traps. They fill out the surveys and give out their correct personal details and address to a complete stranger company based overseas.

What are the chances of someone using this information and selling it on to other third party companies or using it themselves to call you regarding other scams and dodgy schemes? Well let me tell you that the chances are REALLY HIGH and once you give your details we can guarantee you that your information has been passed on and you should be wary of every email or phone call from an unknown email or phone.

99% of the companies running these types of promotions and surveys are based overseas and they claim to legally give out prizes. If they do give out the prize its very rare once a year and is at the expense of thousands of innocent people who have had their personal information sold and made available to third parties.

Please stay away from such survey’s and make sure you share this post with family and friends so no KIWIS fall into this trap and robbed of their money or personal information.

Also post comments if you have been a victim of such surveys and how you dealt with it.

If you need help and have been scammed please check our GET HELP page.