Current Date:August 10, 2022

‘Ghost scam’ hits Australian shores, women warned to be careful

This scam was in the news in Australia last week and similar scams could be operating in New Zealand Chinese community so please keep an eye and share it with your friends and family from the asian community especially the elderly.

WOMEN in Western Australia are the latest to fall prey to an elaborate scam that forces victims to part with their jewellery.

Perth detectives are currently investigating what is known as “the blessing scam” or “the ghost scam” that specifically targets elderly females of Chinese descent.

In a statement issued by WA Police, officers said the scam “relies heavily on cultural and traditional beliefs to instil fear in the victims and assure their compliance”.

After identifying a target, the scammer — always a woman — approaches the victim in a public place and tells her that someone from the victim’s family is sick and in desperate need of medical assistance, and they can only be healed with eastern medicine.

The woman who kicked off the scam asks the victim if she knows any healers or experts in Eastern Medicine.

That’s when a second woman approaches the pair and admits she overheard the two talking and offers a healer she knows.

WA Police said this advice leads to the introduction of the victim to a third woman who claims to be a “healer” and that the problem is that the victim has angered the spirits.

The fake healer says the only way the sickness can be treated is if the victim supplies expensive jewellery to be treated in a “ritual”.

During the ritual, the items are replaced with cheap knock-offs but before being returned wrapped in fabric.

The victim is told to leave it wrapped for a long time for the treatment to be effective but when she does eventually unwrap the package, she finds her valuables have been stolen.

At least one woman has reported being a victim to WA Police, who released images of three women officers would like to speak to earlier this week.

The scam has also been reported across a number of states with one woman falling victim in February in NSW.…/…/ecdf8fb03689b6d01f8a2ec1bb367eb1

Please be aware of such scams in new zealand and please report to us or olice if yoy suspect such scams are taking place in the community whether it be asian,pacific ,indian etc We need to protect our communities from such low life scammers and make NZ SCAM FREE.