Current Date:May 22, 2022

Supermarket Voucher Scam

Please share with family and friends to help us make NZ SCAM FREE!

One of the most common scams that is working its way through NZ is the supermarket vouchers scam. The most shocking part about these scams is that they operate legally in NZ in name of surveys and competitions but their intentions and purpose is to gather personal information and pass it on to third parties which will contact you with other suspicious marketing offers. Once you submit your details and agree to the terms and conditions (which many of us rarely read ) , your personal details will be plastered all around the world and you can expect to get a lot of emails and calls from overseas scammers to dupe you into their next scam or sell you some service that you probably don’t need.

If you look at the sample terms and conditions photo you will realise how easy it is for these companies to legally give out your details to anyone. furthermore what’s more annoying is that RARELY do you see someone actually winning one of these vouchers. Even if someone does win it would have to be one $100 voucher in a year to satisfy the legal side of their dodgy business.

Please Never fill out these surveys or competitions as your chances of winning the vouchers are less than winning the LOTTO .

Always report any similar scams you come across and share this with your friends and family to keep kiwis safe from such scams.