Current Date:August 10, 2022

Facebook Jobs Scams

If you are a member of any buy/sell groups for your town/city you might have come across some amazing job offer posts on the page.

Here are some of the examples

$20/hour work at home job
Work from home ,no experience required
Earn $100 a day while sitting at home
Data entry job –good hourly pay
Trade stock from your pc and get paid $$$$
Get $$$ for filling simple surveys

Most of these posts do not target your regular facebook user but instead target the vulnerable, jobless, financially struggling and technologically naïve people.

We do have to mention that not all jobs are scams and there are thousands of genuine jobs advertised daily on Facebook in New Zealand. But there is a big difference between a job advertised for a waiter at your local pub and someone willing to pay you a really good pay pay rate for apparently taking surveys. If its too good to be true It probably Isnt true and that’s the case with lot of these advertisements.

Sometimes it’s as easy as just looking up the profile of the person and tell if it’s a scam or a legitimate post.

Here are few things you should keep in mind before making contact with people posting jobs.

Have a quick look at their profile. Often these scammers use attractive photos of females but there is not much other information in their profile.
Check their location and even if the profile is private IT should have basic information like company they work for or location as you would not go on posting jobs on facebook and have absolutely no information on your page.
If they ask for you email or contact details or a resume. Never send one unless you are convinced it’s a legitimate job by a lawful company.
DO NOT obviously give out your credit card or bank details as often they will promise to deposit some money to prove that they are legitimate.
DO NOT register to any survey websites from overseas.
Do NOT give your home address
Do not agree to any interview on the phone if you even have 1% doubt about the intentions of the person posting the job.
Always report these profiles to the page admin and encourage them to ban them and also report it as SCAM to Facebook.

Share with friends and family so we can save Kiwis being scammed.