Current Date:August 10, 2022


Young gamers especially 12-16yr olds are being targeted by scammers during gameplay of the worlds most played game everyday.

Children playing the world’s most popular game are being preyed on by criminals trying to extort money out of them

Scammers are using Fortnite, an online multiplayer “shoot em up” game with 125 million players worldwide, to trick young players into handing over their parents’ bank details.

Fortnite, which is certified as being suitable for children aged 12 and over, is set in a dystopian world where most of the Earth’s population has suddenly disappeared, living tough conditions and zombie-like creatures to roam the Earth. Players are among the remaining 2 per cent whose job it is to survive and return the earth to normal. 

The scam works by convincing players to leave the game and enter a third party website, where they can buy “free” online currency which they can use in the game to buy items like weapons and clothes. To “verify their account is real” players are asked to hand over bank details. 

V-Bucks can be bought with real money or earned playing the game and allow players to buy new items for their online Fortnite characters such as costumes, weapons or dance moves.

The sites typically then said the process had failed and the person had to ‘verify’ their Fortnite account was real by handing over various personal information.

They often also promised children the chance to win a new smartphone or games console if they entered theirs or their parents’ details.

Please remind your kids again not to access any 3rd party websites for purchases regarding the games as it will be most likely a scam.

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