Current Date:August 10, 2022

Netflix Scam

An email scam has been going around since the start of this year concerning Netflix.

Netflix is getting popular by the day in NZ with hundreds of people joining the streaming site daily.

Unfortunately it also gives more scamming material to the scammers.

Links to news from stuff and newshub

A lot of people throughout NZ have been getting emails from Netflix regarding one of these issues:

  • Update personal information
  • Update Billing information
  • Upgrade plan
  • Redeem free 3months
  • Redeem free gifts as part of a Netflix Promotion


All of these emails are scams. Not many people have fallen for this scam yet since most of the Netflix users are very tech-savvy and mostly under 40’s but it’s still worth warning people about this scam as more  and more people get on the Netflix bandwagon.

Some things to keep in mind regarding Netflix and most reputed apps and websites.

  • They will never ask you for your billing information through Email.
  • They will not run a promotion that you ONLY hear through emails. They do run promotions but you will most likely hear about them on Radio, TV channels and billboards and not just through emails.
  • Netflix will not give you a free year of subscription because you are an AMAZING customer and you have been picked through LOTTERY and you are the lucky winner of the free subscription. Any sort of prize or free subscriptions through you being randomly chosen should be a RED FLAG and the email should go straight to junk folder.
  • You may get emails about special offer for upgrade but there should be link that takes you to their official website. Make sure you check the website link carefully before entering any personal details.