Current Date:August 10, 2022

Fitness Website Scam

With the rise of influencers and fitness models on social media its no surprise the demand for athletic wear is on the rise. You might have come across numerous online stores on instagram and advertising on facebook for athletic /yoga gear and fitness equipment. 

A lot of these items are startup brands and not your household names like adidas,nike etc and are genuine products. These items are often good quality and usually cheaper than the bigger brands.

HOWEVER there are quite a few scam websites out there selling very bad quality products or which are completely scam and dont send out the products to you.


One of our users Jacinta Perno from Wellington sent us a link to the website which is still active and is a scam. has been scamming people by sending fake products or very poor quality products and often not sending any items at all to its customers.

They often don’t reply when contacted and if they do they blame shipping companies for the delay and request you to wait for the items.

They do not have a phone number or an registered address on their website.

There is no CHAT support or enquiry form.

All they have is a email address which they rarely reply to.

I will suggest everyone to go to this website ( as its still active to get an idea of how a scam website looks like. It will give you an indication in future to watch out for similar websites, which do not appear professional, and there’s not much effort put into it from the domain name to contact us page to the FAQ page. Nothing seems right about this website and yet thousands of people have ordered from this website and its still operating.

Please stay away from such websites and do a basic research before giving your hard earned money to these scam websites.