Current Date:August 10, 2022

Shopify E-Commerce Scam

SHOPIFY if you are not aware of is a very popular and successful e-commerce website. Its purpose is to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs to have their online store and sell their products using shopify platform.

Shopify helps with marketing through social media, process payments and tons of others features, which makes it easier for an average person to get more audience for their products.

The intent behind the website is respectable and it has opened a lot of doors for e-commerce newbies. It’s easy to use and setup. All you need to do is register with them, register a domain name and start selling your products.

The downside of the website is that its being used by a lot of scammers.

Here are a few examples of scams on shopify

  • Products don’t arrive after you pay the seller through the website.
  • Products are fake/imitations
  • Products are second-hand and used.
  • Products are faulty
  • Products especially clothing is not of the same quality as portrayed on some websites.


One of our users Cohen Brown from Invercargill initially reported about this scam. There was a website selling invicta watches at reasonable prices. Users have reported not receiving any items even after full payment was made through the website. A lot of people reported the scam to shopify and it was eventually shut down but after scamming lots of innocent shoppers.


We are covering this scam as chances are you will come across quite a few similar websites like on Facebook. Shopify stores can promote their products on facebook and you might have seen ads promoting kids toys, gadgets, electronics etc on your facebook feed.


Here’s a few things one can keep in mind before making a purchase through one of those sponsored ad’s

  • Do not make purchases for luxury goods if its not a trusted official store for the brand.
  • Do some research on google and get some feedback on the store.
  • Make sure to go to contact us page and check if they have a valid office address or a phone number.
  • Always prefer company with distribution or office based in Aus/NZ
  • Keep an eye for immensely discounted items, as that can be a red flag for fake products.


There has been an enormous increase in the number of small retailers advertising on Facebook and Instagram in the last 1year  and we all need to be really careful before any making purchase because just because something is advertised on instagram/facebook doesn’t make it authentic and scam proof.