Current Date:August 10, 2022

Dr Mobiles Ltd Scam

This is a scam about an online Facebook page selling electronics mostly promoting Apple products.

There is an actual business called Dr Mobiles ltd which is based in Takapuna ,Auckland.

They sell electronics and also do computer repairs and a handful of other services. Their staff is really friendly and they have really good reviews on Google.

This is their website which is genuine.

This is their Facebook page which is also genuine

We came across a Facebook page which is a scam and have scammed one of our users and several of his friends.

This is a SCAM PAGE

Please Go to their page ad report it as a scam. If enough people do it the page will be taken down.

The number on their page is fake and not active. There is no way to contact them. I have already reported them to Facebook and have also left them number of messages.

The owners of the real business are concerned as they get a lot of people calling for refunds who have been scammed by the scam page.

Please report the page and if you come across any such scam pages on Facebook let us know so we can share them on our page.