Current Date:August 10, 2022

Suspicious Activity Bank Scam

A few of our users have reported this scam to us. 

You might get txt alert from a 4 digit number alerting you of suspicious activity on your online banking account. We have seen texts from different banks so the scammers are not just targeting any one bank in particular.

Since ANZ and ASB are the biggest banks in NZ chances are you have an account with them and you might be fooled into believing it’s from your bank. The txt says you have suspicious activity on your account and to avoid suspension you should verify your details and provides a link to do that.



The link opens up a webpage which looks very similar to actual banking website and asks you to fill in your username and password. No bank will ever ask you to verify your username password.

Once you fill out these details you are risking your bank account and chances are your account will be used fraudulently.

If you do feel like it’s a genuine effort from your bank to warn you always open the online banking on a separate device to quickly check if your bank account looks fine.

Always report such incidents to your banks as they do take it seriously and alert authorities on this scam and action can be taken. Often they can be traced back to the company providing them access to 4 digit bulk messaging service who in turn can terminate their accounts with them. 

Click on the link to see how the actual txt looks.

Please share with friends and family and always remember to not click on any link in your texts unless you are 100% sure what it’s for.