Current Date:August 10, 2022

Game Addons/Upgrades on Smartphones Scam

We all love playing games on our iPhone, smartphones and even tablets. A lot of these games are designed to be fun and to be played whenever you get some spare time whether that be during a short bus ride, work breaks or for some people even a toilet break. These games can be very addictive but there is no denying that they are a great tool for relaxing and are fun for all ages.

A lot of these games are initially advertised as FREE to download with options to buy add-ons in the game or to upgrade to premium to avoid ads.

These add-ons can be in-game coins, special characters, special inventory within the game and all sorts of special benefits to make the game more engaging to the user. However not technically a scam the ways some of these games entice you are very unethical to say the least.

A lot of these games are produced by big studios and it would be fair to say the only purpose of these games is to generate revenue for the developers. You are free to play the game without paying as long as you want and you do not have to upgrade the game or buy any add-ons if you do not wish to.

However there are some games where you might be offered free trial for a week or a set amount of days which could entice you to upgrade or buy special features in the game. EXAMPLE ATTACHED on our website. Although in small terms at the bottom it would tell you the price you will be charged after the trial. In some cases this is ridiculous amount. For example on the IOS game Hunter Assassin you can get special character powers on a 3 day free trial. After the trial you are charged $6.99 per week until stopped. The problem with this is that if you do forget to stop the trial period manually after 3 days your credit card will be charged $6.99 every week till you cancel this subscription.

We get regular emails about this scenario from users every week where they are trapped in such subscriptions to either websites, apps or games and have no idea what they are being charged for.

Please be careful before signing on to any subscriptions or free trials and also make sure when you hand out your devices to kids that they do not press upgrade options within apps without your approval as often these days our credit cards are linked with android marketplace or apple app store.