Current Date:August 10, 2022

Courier Scam

As the country was in Lockdown in April and May the courier scams were on the rise. 

We have received messages from people all over the country about receiving emails for delayed packages and demanding a small payment of $1-$5 to deliver the package. The scam seemed believable to some people since they were already waiting on some packages and due to COVID-19 there were imminent delays in delivery times for their packages. Majority of people do not fall for such scams as they always find some small details in the email that gives them enough doubt to not believe it. But scammers are relentless and will keep trying and send these scam emails to their large database of Kiwis. Eventually there is always someone who falls for this scam.



Please remember to check finer details in the email. For example, we have attached an image of such email and it shows a package from JB-HiFi. This should ring a warning alarm if you have not ordered anything from JB-HiFi.

Although the amount requested by scammers in these emails is very low such as $1. It is just a trick to entice you to not put much emphasis on amount so you can fill out your personal details and give your credit card details. Once you fill these out, EXPECT your private information and credit card details to be compromised.

Please keep an eye out for such scams and when in doubt always call NZPOST or the courier company the email is from.