Current Date:August 10, 2022

Jacinda Ardern Investment Scam

If there is one New Zealander everyone can recognize from kids to adults it has to be our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern . Since becoming the PM she has always been in the spotlight mostly for good reasons and to say that she is highly influential would be an understatement.

Scammers are now using her Name and image to influence people into investing money into all sorts of scam investments mostly related to cryptocurrency.

There have been other public figures such as Media personality John Campbell , Ex PM Sir John key, NZ golfer Ryan Fox who have all had their faces wrongfully associated with these scams.

Here’s a link to the John Campbell scam news on stuff website

Here’s a link to the Jacinda Ardern Scam investment article:

It is pretty evident from the name of the website (cashing mania) that it’s not a trusted source for news or information so that should ring some alarm bells straight away. They use ONE news and NZ Herald logos to make it seem legit but spending 5mins on this page will give you lot of clues about it being a scam.

All the information mentioned in the article is WRONG. The article mentions how Jacinda Ardern explained a “Wealth Loophole” on The project Show about cryptocurrency and encourages Kiwis to make similar investment.

Surely it’s a scam and most people will be able to tell that too BUT there are always vulnerable people out there who are not familiar with cryptocurrency and could see this investment as a quick money making scheme.

We all need to be careful when we see investments being promoted by Public Figures like Jacinda Ardern, Sports Athletes, Movie Stars online. The article often mentions the interviews or videos YET there is never a video in these articles. Most of them take a snapshot from an old tv appearance. We need to do more research before going ahead with any investment or even giving out your personal details.

Please share with family and friends and raise awareness about this scam.