Current Date:August 10, 2022

Scammers Recruiting Kiwis

This scam is on the rise especially since emergence of COVID-19.

If you go to the market place there will be a lot of listings for products which are listed as brand new and heavily discounted. These products range from electronics, baby products and even clothing. When you make contact with the seller they will REDIRECT you to another page instead of answering simple questions like where is the pick up? Or can I view the product?

They will redirect you to a website or another Facebook business page .

These websites and Facebook pages are scams and will never deliver your products. They will give you NZ bank account number which make you believe them as we generally consider NZ bank account to be a very reliable source to transfer money to.

These scammers are recruiting INNOCENT KIWIS on commission basis and the kiwis receive the money in their genuine bank account and than pass it on to the scammers overseas through different payment methods such as PAYPAL, WEMONEY etc

The scammers recruit local vulnerable people on Facebook and tell them they are an agent and they will receive the payment from customer and than pass it on the them and they will be sent the package and the customer can pick it up from them.

When the package doesn’t arrive they realise they have been part of a scam and inform the customer who than involves police. In all of this the customer gets scammed, a innocent kiwi is reported to police and the scammer is GONE with the money most likely OVERSEAS.

Still confused??

Please click the link to see the messages before and after the transaction between the customer and the seller and it will be very clear to you how this scam operates.

We have provided more photos and examples on our website.

Please use Facebook market place very carefully if you really have to as its literally full of scammers.