Current Date:August 10, 2022


Cepshop NZ is an online store mostly operating on Facebook. Link to their page is:

They do not have a website or a physical store. This is very similar to the scam we covered last month involving marketplace. They list electronics predominantly apple products and gaming products. This store is a scam. They run several other pages with similar promo pictures and special promotions on electronics. Once you get in touch with them through marketplace they will give you all types of offers and discounts.

They do provide you with a NEW ZEALAND BANK ACCOUNT number. This makes the customer trust them. They will tell you their store is in wellington. And if you request pick up they will stop responding or block you. There are a number of similar electronic stores operating on Facebook. Do not buy expensive electronics on Marketplace if you are not allowed pickups and if you have a slight bit of doubt about the seller. Always compare prices. If is too good to be true it probably isn’t.

We have reported this to netsafe. Please take some time and go to their page and report as scam.