Current Date:August 10, 2022

ASB Bank Scam

This scam is not new and has always existed BUT lately the scam appears to have resurfaced with several people reporting the scam to us.

The scammers send out bulk email to all the email addresses they have in their database. Obviously if its from a bank that you don’t deal with, you can easily come to the conclusion that it is a scam. However the email will also reach a large number of customers who actually have an account with the bank mentioned in these scams.

The email appears genuine and the wording is short and simple usually along the lines of “update your personal details” or “Update your Tax status”. All these emails have a phone number 0800 number and a landline to convince you the email is from the bank. Whenever in doubt ALWAYS call the number. Chances are the numbers are not active or belong to other business and not the actual bank.

Also Banks will never ask your Bank passwords or username or credit card details through the emails.

You should never share your personal details, card details or even address through any of these links in the scam emails.

If you really believe the email is from the bank as you might be expecting some update form the bank ALWAYS call the bank and double check. Call the number of the bank on the bank website or local branch and NOT the number on the emails.

Please share with friends and family and always delete or mark such emails as SPAM.