Current Date:August 10, 2022

MyLotto Scam

This scam has been reported to us by several users of Facebook. The scam often appears in the timeline when you are browsing. The sponsored ad makes you believe its genuine promotion from Lotto NZ however it’s a scam and not an actual promotion run by lotto NZ.

All the lotto’s current promotions are always listed on their websites 

If you see a promotion on social media other than the normal Seasonal promotions that lotto does such as Fathers day, Christmas etc which are always run as part of Triple Dip ticket sales it is most likely a SCAM. Do not enter your details through this posts or links provided in this post. If the promotion is genuine and you are not sure always visit and all details about the promotions will be on their page.  Whenever in doubt you can always call the lotto customer helpline on 0800 695 6886.