Current Date:August 10, 2022

Betting Tips Scam

Anyone with a keen interest in horse racing or sports betting will be familiar with this scam.

This scam is trending and on the rise on social media platforms especially INSTAGRAM.

This is how it works:

You will get notification that a random person has started following you. You being curious check out their profile and realise it’s a profile of betting tipster. You will see a lot of posts on their page with screenshot from their betting agency account such as BET365, Betfair etc. showing successful winning tickets often paying out huge odds such as 2000 to 1.

They will ask you to DM (direct message) if you want to be part of their team and you will be guaranteed winning tips.

In return they ask a joining fee which can be anywhere from $200-$5000 and convince you that this money is paid to top coaches and players to get inside information for a particular game.

Once you transfer the money they will disappear and won’t reply to any of your messages. After scamming a number of people they will simply delete their account or their account is deleted by Instagram.

This is a SCAM and we recommend staying away from anyone on social media who asks for money in return of a Betting Tip.

Please look at the photos provided on our website and it will give you a clear idea how these betting scammers operate.

Share with friends and family especially ones who are into betting on sports.